Topic fans know that we are distinctly un-Hollywood — that’s probably what you love about us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate Hollywood or its hard-working actors, and we welcome all types of film fans. If some of your favorite actors are Tinseltown staples, then now’s your chance to meet their Topic counterparts. Get to know some of our series stars, who might get stopped on the street and be mistaken for certain well-known celebs (hey, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being mistaken for Elle Fanning). They might just become some of your new faves — plus what’s better than one Adam Brody? One Adam Brody and his French doppel. Let’s play a round of Celebrity Doppelgangers: Topic Edition and tell us if you agree.

Alina Tomnikov, Blind Donna

Celebrity Doppelganger: Elle Fanning

Romantic comedy series Blind Donna stars Alina Tomnikov, a visually impaired woman who sets out to find love again after her husband leaves her. Though Tomnikov wears icy blue contacts to play Donna, the actress’ natural eye color is an equally stunning shade of blue, reminiscent of another blonde, doe-eyed actress: Elle Fanning. They both have that milky fair skin, delicate Scandinavian features, and flaxen hair that make them both perfect as damsel types. But that’s another thing these two have in common: they both defy that image to play fearless women.

Romain Duris, Vernon Subutex

Celebrity Doppelganger: Adam Brody

In The OC, American actor Adam Brody plays a high school nerd living in Orange County, a surfing mecca for Californians. In Vernon Subutex, French actor Romain Duris plays the titular character, a former record shop owner who wanders through Paris and partakes in a different kind of surfing: couches. The coincidences don’t end there — these two actors practically have the same face. How great would it be if Duris and Brody starred in a family dramedy about an American guy who runs away to Paris at 18 and comes back to the States to reunite with his family and teaches his little brother the ways of the French? Merritt Wever stars as the cynical sister who’s wary of their new French sibling. Greta Gerwig directs.

Khalima Gadji, Sakho & Mangane

Celebrity Doppelganger: Raven-Symoné

Khalima Gadji plays Awa in the crime drama Sakho & Mangane, about two police officers solving supernatural murder mysteries in Dakar. The Senegalese actress resembles another gorgeous actress from across the world, Raven-Symoné, best known for her Disney Channel series, That’s So Raven, about a teenage girl with supernatural abilities. Coincidence? We think not. We love the way these two have the same luminous smile and that bewitching look that says, “I know something you don’t.” You can’t quite figure out what they’re thinking, but you’re dying to know.

Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Philharmonia

Celebrity Doppelganger: Jeanne Tripplehorn

French thriller Philharmonia stars Marie-Sophie Ferdane, who plays an orchestra conductor with a mysterious past. With her dark hair, smoldering eyes, and high cheekbones, Ferdane could pass for a young Jeanne Tripplehorn, who is no stranger to playing anti-heroines with mysterious pasts. She began her film career as a police psychologist harboring dark secrets in the 1992 cult classic Basic Instinct. In fact, if, say, Park Chan-Wook, wanted to direct a reboot of Basic Instinct, we suggest casting Ferdane as Dr. Beth Garner. Just leave out the rape scene.

Kayode Ewumi, Enterprice

Celebrity Doppelganger: Eddie Murphy

Even if you haven’t seen Enterprice, you may have seen star Kayode Ewumi before. He’s the guy behind one of the most popular memes on the internet: the “think about it” guy. Yup, that guy! Enterprice comedy stars Ewumi as a young aspiring entrepreneur who’s trying to launch a home delivery service with his best friend. Naturally, the two are faced with a whole slew of challenges along the way, making for some laugh-out-loud moments. Ewumi also reminds us of another actor known for creating laugh-out-loud moments: Eddie Murphy. Honestly, isn’t Ewumi a spitting image of Murphy circa 1985? Right around that time, Murphy was making some of his best comedy hits, like Trading Places, Coming to America, and Beverly Hills Cop. We can see Ewumi starring in any of those reboots — just “think about it.”