Even the most calm and even keeled of us can get the taste for it. It’s often just a fantasy within our own heads. But what if we succumbed to it? Keep your urges under control and check out these Topic titles that deal with the forbidden fruit that is revenge.


Helsinki Syndrome, Season 1

The Quick Rundown: Elias, a working class family man with a traumatic past, holds 4 journalists hostage to expose bank and government corruption.

Why You’ll Love it: It’s a modern day Robin Hood story with a Nordic Noir twist.

What the Critics Say: “Helsinki Syndrome shows what can happen when trust in society is shaken.”Pledge Times

The Last Panthers, Season 1

The Quick Rundown: After a diamond heist leaves a person dead, French detectives find themselves plunged into Europe’s seedy underworld.

Why You’ll Love it: It’s got an all-star cast that expertly adapts a classic heist story for our modern, complicated times.

What the Critics Say: “This visceral, intelligent heist drama avoids every cliche.”The Guardian

Faster Than Fear, Season 1

The Quick Rundown: When a killer escapes prison, tough cop Sunny must face her own demons as she tries to catch him.

Why You’ll Love it: It’s a German series that features a tough-as-nails female protagonist making her way in a male-dominated field.

What the Critics Say: A classic thriller series…(with) mortal danger and dark secrets and chases.” – Movie Reviews Deutsche

Nox, Season 1

The Quick Rundown: When her police officer daughter disappears, retired cop Catherine embarks on a race against time to find her.

Why You’ll Love it: You’ll travel below the busy streets of Paris into its literally seedy underbelly: the creepy catacombs and sewers that run under the city.

What the Critics Say: An ultra addictive detective story…worthy of your worst nightmares.” – Do It In Paris