New series, new seasons, and new episodes are all on their way to Topic this December.

Varg Veum

December 7 | Norway | Season 2

Trond Espen Seim stars as Norwegian private investigator Varg Veum, based on the bestselling novels by Gunnar Staalesen. Each episode of this series is actually a feature-length movie: each one darker and grittier than the rest.



December 14 | Spain | New Series

After moving to a beautiful mountain town in Andorra to get closer to a son he never knew he had, quiet writer Félix finds himself on a journey where nothing is as it seems and everything becomes possible in a romantic thriller full of humor and mystery.

*Available in the U.S. only

The Hunters

December 21 | Sweden | New Series

In a small town in northern Sweden, the prospect of a new mine leads to conflict between environmentalists and the residents who envisage it as the way to a new and better future. Retired cop Erik Bäckström reluctantly agrees to handle security for the mining company, and is soon confronted with a mysterious death.

*Available in the U.S. only

Amsterdam Vice

December 28 | Netherlands | New Series

Amsterdam, 1980: Rookie cop Jurre de Cock fights crime amid social unrest in this gritty reimagining of A.C. Baantjer’s famous detective.

Off Season

November 30 | France | Season 1 | NEW EPISODES

**Winner, 2023 Swiss Television Award for Best Supporting Actress – Clarina Sierro**

Synopsis:  In a wild and majestic setting in the Alps between France and Switzerland, Sterenn Peiry, a Swiss Police Captain marked by life who is slowly rebuilding herself after a personal tragedy, must team up with a French counterpart to hunt down the Edelweiss serial killer: a murderer who kills on both sides of the border and leaves behind him corpses in macabre stagings. While investigating this dark case, Sterenn finds out that her son, Jeremy, has accidentally ran over his girlfriend and killed her. Another dramatic turn of events in the Captain’s life, as she sees her life fall apart again and refuses to lose the only child she has left. Ready to do anything to protect him, even if it means crossing the red lines, Sterenn decides to cover up this accident by reproducing the staging of the Edelweiss serial killer, while she is still on his trail. A make-up that could turn dangerous if the serial killer is caught… How far will Sterenn go to save her son?