Enough drama to get you through the year’s most unpredictable month.


Temple, Season 1
Coming to Topic: three-episode premiere March 2, then new episodes every Thursday

Mark Strong plays Dr. Daniel Milton, a successful surgeon operating in a very unlikely setting – a secret room hidden within a London tube station. Milton’s patients are by referral only: nefarious members of society who can’t show up at the hospital for treatment, or regular folks seeking a long-shot alternative to a fatal diagnosis. His own wife was one of those folks, and his entire life changed when he couldn’t help her. But even though Milton believes in his duty to help others, maintaining the illegal underground clinic threatens his own health and safety.

Temple is not available to our subscribers in Canada.

Embezzlement, Season 1
Coming to Topic: March 16

How far will one woman go to save her brother from his addiction? Based on a shocking true story of a crime that captivated Israeli society in the early 2000s, Eti Alon uses her job at a bank to embezzle money and pay her brother, Ofer’s, gambling debts. But Ofer is in the hole with powerful, dangerous people and Eti is not built for a life of crime. Her efforts to protect her brother may tear apart her family, her marriage, and take down an entire bank.

Brave Mens Blood
Coming to Topic: March 9

While investigating an organized crime group operating in Reykjavik, the special detective, Hannes, gets an interesting tip from a convicted criminal – Margeir, one of Hannes’ superiors, is playing for the other side. As Hannes continues to pursue members of the gang, he must choose his internal allies carefully so as not to tip off Margeir and anyone else who might be compromised. Hannes makes a simple mistake, placing his wife and child in danger.

Brave Men’s Blood is not available to our subscribers in Canada.

Blackport, Season 1
Coming to Topic: new episodes on Thursdays and the season finale March 9

Don’t miss the final episodes of this dramatic series that Collider compared to Succession and Yellowstone, with characters “charismatic enough for us to root for them while despising their every little attitude.” Everything hangs in the balance for Harpa and Grimur as they wait for the government’s new legislation. The couple must also decide where they stand with each other and how they will move forward. At the same time the reporter, Smári, has returned to ask some more questions for the piece he’s working on. He’s getting closer to the truth, forcing Harpa to make a move.

I, Anna
Coming to Topic: March 23

Charlotte Rampling plays Anna Welles, a sophisticated divorcee with an aura of mystery. After Anna attends a speed-dating event, the man she left with turns up dead, the victim of a violent murder. Enter Gabriel Byrne, playing Bernie, the detective assigned to the case. As Bernie attempts to get closer to Anna, his professional boundaries come crumbling down. Will he ever get to uncover the true Anna or just the one she wants him to see?

Silent Road, Season 1
Coming to Topic: two-episode premiere March 30, then new episodes every Thursday

The Pied Piper fairy tale gets a modern revision in this crime series centered around an influential Athenian family. Detective Nasos Economides is assigned to a strange case – a school bus carrying nine children has disappeared. The children all come from powerful families, and the kidnappers quickly state their demands. But as Economides races to catch the kidnappers, he uncovers long-held secrets that could break apart families and put their lives in further danger.


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Detective Sarah Lund returns for Season 3 of the Danish hit series The Killing, premiering on March 2.

A Finnish detective goes undercover to get closer to a former terrorist in Bullets, premiering on March 9.