Entertain your dark side with these new series and episodes debuting this month on Topic!



Angela Black, Season 1
Coming to Topic: Watch new episodes every Thursday, with the season finale June 15

The saga of Angela Black continues this month on Topic. Angela (Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey) is trapped in an abusive marriage to Olivier, a charismatic man with a dark and violent side. As she tries to plan an escape for her and her children, she must make hard choices when a stranger tells her secrets about Olivier’s past. Will she make it out? And at what cost? Find out with new episodes every Thursday and the season 1 finale on June 15.

The Box, series
Coming to Topic: All three episodes available June 8

In the mood for true crime? Take a peek inside The Box, a three-part docuseries that follows Police Detective Chris Loudon’s quest to expose the truth behind one of America’s worst and unknown killers. When Loudon discovers a previously unopened box containing photos of young women, he starts an investigation that leads him to small-town America in the 1970s, a criminal hiding in plain sight, and dozens of stories from women whose stories of sexual assault were ignored.

The Hunt for Salamander, Season 1
Coming to Topic: All episodes available June 22

When Kamen and Ralica, two married police officers, experience the tragedy of their daughter’s murder, they go their separate ways. Eleven years later, they are working at different branches when Kamen’s violent murder case intertwines with Ralica’s investigation of a poisoning death. Could these crimes be connected by the secretive crime organization known as “Salamander”? And how does their daughter’s murder fit into it all? Start your binge watch of all 13 episodes of season 1 on June 22 to find out.

Prisoners of War, Season 2
Coming to Topic: All 14 episodes available in English June 1

Attention Topic subscribers who prefer to watch programming with English language audio: Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Israeli series Prisoners of War has arrived. Season 2 continues to follow the soldiers who spent seven years in Lebanon after being captured in a secret mission. Their reintegration to society is complicated, especially as the government investigates the many discrepancies in accounts that the soldiers give of their time in captivity. Watch the award-winning series that inspired Homeland with the subtitles or in English.