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Silent Road, Season 1
Coming to Topic: April 6, with new episodes every Thursday in April

Affluent Athenian families are brought together when their children are kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. Stressed out and lacking confidence in the official investigation, the families begin to turn on each other. Details emerge about the children’s lives, and a bullying incident puts one family in the spotlight. But is it a motive for kidnapping, or a distraction from the real agenda? When the kidnappers raise the ransom, the stakes are raised as well.

Temple, Season 1 Finale
Coming to Topic: April 6

Mark Strong plays Dr. Daniel Milton in this two-hour season finale where Milton and his team must confront the consequences of the previous episode’s unethical surgery. Anna feels overwhelmed by what’s at stake and is conflicted by her personal feelings for Daniel. Lee also thinks Daniel has taken things too far, but one desperate act changes everything for Lee.

Temple is not available to our subscribers in Canada.

Bridgend, film
Coming to Topic: April 6

Sara and her father, Dave, move to a small town with a dark history – teenagers around Sara’s age keep dying by suicide. Dave is investigating why these young people feel they have no other alternative. But it’s Sara who may figure it out first when she becomes friends with a group who knew almost all of the teens who died and falls in love with Jamie, played by Josh O’Connor (The Crown).

Rough Cut, Season 1
Coming to Topic: All episodes available starting April 13

When you’re a small-town car thief who also excels in lock picking, trouble doesn’t stay away for long. That’s how Carbo gets sucked into the dark and dangerous world of The Unknowns, a criminal gang that recruits Carbo for their next payday – a diamond heist. As The Unknowns prepare for their heist, Carbo is torn by new revelations about his family history, and his desire to get his life back on track. Rough Cut is an entertaining thriller light on the blood and gore.

Belly of the Beast, documentary
Coming to Topic: April 20

Director Erica Cohn focuses on the women fighting to end the practice of nonconsensual sterilizations performed on female prisoners. Personal stories from formerly incarcerated women and a prison doctor’s perspective are interspersed with the years-long struggle from one victim to seek justice from the California state government.

Temple, season 2
Coming to Topic: Catch the first three episodes April 27, with new episodes every Thursday

Dr. Milton got what he wanted – his wife Beth is alive. But she’s suspicious about her recovery and asking the right questions to the wrong people. And then Eve discovers his secret. As his family life falls apart, Dr. Milton turns to a medical fixer who can bring him new patients, but who Milton knows he can’t fully trust. Too many people are involved in Milton’s secret, but the only one who matters is his daughter. And when her life is in danger, Milton will risk it all.

Temple is not available to our subscribers in Canada.