Why Saga Norén Is About to Become Your Favorite Character

The Bridge (Bron/Broen)’s unapologetically blunt detective Saga Norén is our hero. Here are 7 of her most brutally…

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What Is Nordic Noir? Here’s a Crash Course and Playlist

If you’re just starting your Nordic Noir journey and want to get acquainted with the genre, check out our Topic Nordic…

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Feed Your True Crime Obsession With These 11 Unbelievable Stories

Here are 10 of our wildest true crime documentaries, series, and films to feed your obsession.

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9 Supernatural Crime and Mystery Thrillers

What’s more thrilling than a white-knuckle crime series about bizarre murders, sinister killers, and race-against-time…

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14 Stories About Family That Will Make You Appreciate Your Own

Every family has its quirks and demons, but some more so than others. These stories will make you appreciate yours.

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